Jordan Chronicles 4: Aqaba (snorkeling in Red Sea), Day 2

March 26, 2016: After a good 7 hours of sound sleep, I woke up fresh and excited thinking about how diving would be in reality. I had always wanted to try diving, but never got my hands on it. Last time was back in Puerto Rico, where I had signed in for a dive, but because of hurricanes, it didn’t happen! But this time, I was so sure that I will finally do it (even though it can get very expensive to make it a hobby, but I really wanted to try it first).

All set for my first dive!

Omar picked up his customers (around 10 Americans) who would be in his sailing boat with me and we started driving towards the South of Aqaba where he had parked his private boat. This was a private beach of a big resort (Tala Bay Beach club) and was far off from the city. Its important to mention that in Jordan, good beaches are always private which means they are owned by big hotels and resorts and are accessible only to their guests or if you are ready to shell out a lot of money to pay as a “day-charge” to use the facilities. I strongly recommend using private beaches as they are so much more safe, very less crowded  (only tourists) and you can pull off in a bikini without getting any stares in almost all of them. In public beaches, it is impossible to swim as a girl, not because you are not allowed to, but because its very very crowded and women in water are always wearing their hijabs. Yes, really!!!

Just when we arrived in the private beach and started heading towards our boat, it started raining heavily :(. It never ever rains in Aqaba and Omar said they had such a weather after two years! Can you believe my bad luck? So obviously I knew luck was again not in my favor and diving was instantly cancelled because of strong winds meaning poor visibility. We started sailing soon and even though the weather was not promising, we were assured that we could still snorkel! I was so so relived and equally happy! I love snorkeling and took it up a couple of years back in Florida where I first snorkeled. I have been doing it since then and I love it! That’s one of the reasons I always look for island and tropical vacations (if not the Pina Coladas 😛 !).

After an introductory guide, we soon started our first snorkeling adventure. The coral reef we ventured first was called the Japanese garden and if only I could describe in words how beautiful the coral reef in the Red Sea is! I have snorkeled few times in the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean sea before, but they were nowhere close to what I saw in the Red Sea! It was mesmerizing and breath-taking! I found myself in the middle of thousands (literally thousands) of colorful fishes and purple jelly fishes with beautiful corals beneath me. It was so so amazing and I felt like a free bird…I swam quite some far away from the others in the group (I am not the best swimmer, but I can handle swimming in rough waters pretty well) and found myself shouting with joy and happiness beneath the waters where nobody could hear me and I could actually tell myself BRAVO!

It was already lunch time after the first snorkeling (the boat would take us to three different locations in total). The food was authentic Jordanian (humus, pita bread, baba ganoush, salad) and grilled chicken was made right on the boat! Oh my god, I feel like going back in time and having it again 😛

After good food and a little bit of rest, we started moving again towards our next destinations. Those reefs were equally good and I wish I had my under-water camera (which I left in US last time I was there) and could take some snaps of how pretty everything was. Anyways, after 5-6 hours of sailing and snorkeling, we headed back to Aqaba. I was super tired, but I still had the energy to head to the downtown to grab some good food and a beer. I met more people in the restaurants and pubs and overall Aqaba was a great experience!

All set for my first dive!

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