Jordan Chronicles 7: Wadi Rum (hiking in the desert), Day 4

March 28, 2016: After sleeping under the milky way and blazing falling stars, I was sure to get the most peaceful sleep of my life and yes, I did! I slept like a baby for 9 hours at a stretch. The other girls were already up by that time and Metab had returned back from his village to cook us fresh Bedouin breakfast and tea. I walked to them and the air felt so fresh with sun shining bright in the blue sky. Metab was very kind and on my request, played his Bedouin lute again while I kept eating my breakfast. Heaven, isn’t it? 😉

After breakfast, we helped Metab pack the bedding back in the jeep again and finally we were ready for another adventurous ride in this amazing desert! We decided to spend the afternoon in Wadi Rum after which I had decided to make my way to Petra. There were no buses anymore from Wadi Rum to Petra after 6:30 am in the morning and I was very sure that I had to hitch-hike my way; but I was very very lucky when the Swedish girls assured me a ride in their car because they also planned to see Petra after this! Wow!!! I was on cloud 9 and all my worries of not reaching Petra on time was vanished! 😛

It was particularly a very windy day in Wadi Rum and we asked Metab to take us to canyons and gorges where we could hike more and so did he! We arrived at a huge canyon where Metab dropped us and said he would wait us on the other side of it. We were the only tourists in this whole Wadi Rum as I couldn’t find anyone as long as my eyes could see. The canyon hike was very very nice as we also teamed up more as a group helping each other climb and hike it.

I made a wrap around my head to save my hair from the dust and the heat and I strongly advise you to do the same :). I love how the head scarf looks in the pictures. After hiking in the canyon, Metab took us to a huge gorge where again we hiked for another 1.5 hours.

While hiking, we were invited by two Bedouins to join them for a Bedouin tea (Bedouin hospitality is well-known) and we had a short tea break.

FullSizeRender (21)
Panoramic view of the desert

After hiking for around4-5 hours, it was time for lunch after which we would head back to the Bedouin village in Wadi Rum from where we start driving towards Petra. Metab took us to his family tent (very authentic Bedouin tent of his parents) and asked us to rest while he got busy cooking us fresh Bedouin food! We were so tired already and rested on the mattresses he placed on the sand for us. The pictures below should help me explain how the tent looked like! It was made up of camel and goat skin (very very tough) and Metab told us that his other made it by herself and it was already 22 years old! Wow 🙂

After having delicious lunch, we headed back to the Bedouin village finally to pick up our bags and I had to say goodbye to Atallah too for arranging such an amazing trip! We hea

Finally around 4 pm, we set off for Petra in the rental car the girls had rented at Amman.

Packing ourselves for Petra 🙂

TIPS for Wadi Rum:

  1. Sunscreen, scarf and jacket: No matter which time of the year you are in Wadi Rum, days get extremely hot, so please carry a sunscreen because there are no shops in Wadi Rum. Wrapping a scarf around your head os useful because its very dusty there. Finally, nights get extremely cold in the desert and you should have warm clothes to keep you warm.
  2. Keep cash with you: There are no ATMs in Wadi Rum (even not in the Bedouin village outside the desert), so don’t forget your cash!
  3. Water, water and water: Yes, very very important! Please make sure you carry lot of water. You get dehydrated very early for obvious reasons when in a desert!

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